Tales by Light

Yet again, photography catches what the eye cannot. Richard is a traveling photographer that photographs religious festivals around the glove. One particular photoshoot took place in India during the festival of color. Here, Richards captures the color, the vibe, and the history that takes place during this festival. The photos are beautiful, but the history that is being captured is priceless. As he says, his photos are a work of art that reveals what is out there in the world. His work is a window to the vast diversity in our planet. One of the best aspects of his work is that he interacts with people and makes himself part of the overall background. He becomes part of the community or the environment he is working on. Personally, more than just a stunning set of photographs, Richard is making an important statement with his work. He is bringing awareness to the beauty and importance of other cultures, other communities, and beliefs. He also brings awareness to the preservation of wildlife and the environment as a whole. Richards photos are truly admirable.


Proof of Photography

When I think of photography, I think of my phone. Whenever I want to capture something, I reach for my phone.

With our technology today, anyone can take pictures. Professional photographers, however, describe it as an art. Photography lets people connect with other subjects. whether that be other people or objects, photography is powerful. As someone that has never taken a photography class before, it is a bit hard for me to see it this way.

Taking breath taking photos is hard, no doubt. Putting emotion on a still image is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do. Those that have this skill have a different view of things. They “understand the world” in another way. As another professional photographer said, “photography is complexity and beauty.”


What a great time to embark on a complex and beautiful world–the world of digital photography.

Umm, who are you?

My name is Julio Villa. How did I end up here, you may ask. Well, I have come close to the end; I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. After 4 years, I am close to graduating with my BA in Sociology. But why digital photography? As a sociologist, or close to becoming one, I like to have something that captures the moment. What a better way to capture my surroundings than a picture. I hope to fuse my passion for social justice with the art of digital photography. Before I can run, however, I need to learn how to walk. I have no experience with photography, but my goal is that this class will help me enhance my skills and learn from my classmates…talking like a true sociologist.

Now that I am almost out the door, I have the freedom to take the classes I want.

May this journey begin.